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Papers and sample chapters

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Recollections of Donald Meltzer and Martha Harris by James Gammill

An introduction to the work of Donald Meltzer by Meg Harris Williams

The experience of analysis and psychoanalytic modes of thought by Martha Harris


Sample chapters

Martha Harris: a psychoanalytic revolution by Didier Houzel (in Enabling and Inspiring)

The Tavistock training and philosophy (from The Tavistock Model) by Martha Harris

Preface to Thinking about Infants and Young Children by Margaret Rustin

Introduction to The Story of Infant Development by Romana Negri

The study of symbolic activity in infants (in Looking and Listening) by Marisa Melega

The origin of shame and its vicissitudes (from Thanatos) by Pentti Ikonen and Eero Rechardt

Essentials of Kleinian Theory (from Psychoanalytic Aesthetics) by Nicky Glover

Signs, symbols and allegory (from A Meltzer Reader) by Donald Meltzer

Afterword to The Apprehension of Beauty by Maria Rhode


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