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The Harris Meltzer Trust is an educational charity publishing books that promote psychoanalytic understanding, in particular of children and young people. It continues the aims and activities of the Roland Harris Educational Trust (Clunie Press), founded in 1970 by Martha Harris and Donald Meltzer.
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NEW - Re-membering the Infantile panel discussion from IPA conference 2021
with Alison Vaspe, Meg Harris Williams, Vera Regina Fonseca Montagna, Vivienne Pasieka
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Meltzer Papers

Selected Papers of Donald Meltzer (3 volumes)

baby Obs

Baby Observation by Manuel Perez-Sanchez


A Place for Beauty in the Therapeutic Encounter by Dorothy Hamilton


Children in Care in Colombia by Cecilia Munoz

Four Discussions with Bion

Four Discussions
with W. R. Bion (new edition)


Bion in New York and Sao Paulo and three Tavistock seminars (new edition)


edited by Meg Harris Williams and Miriam Botbol Acreche

Thinking about Infants by Martha Harris
Thinking about Infants
by Martha Harris

Meltzer in Paris

Meltzer in Paris edited by Jacques Touze

The Tavistock Model by Harris and Bick
The Tavistock Model
by Harris & Bick

Meltzer in Venice
Meltzer in Venice edited by Petrilli, Marquez & Rossetti

Meltzer in Sao Paulo

Meltzer in Sao Paulo edited by Marisa Melega

Journey Abroad

A Journey Abroad - Wartime Poems Serving with the FAU by Roland J. Harris

Becoming Room
The Becoming Room: Filming Bion's Memoir by Meg Harris Williams

The Newborn in the Intensive Care Unit by Romana Negri

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